ADD ON info

More information about Headbands/add on

If you would like to purchase an item as a headband, you will need to add the item to your cart, then go to the search bar, or collection and find the add on headband listings. Nylon bands and interchangeables are an extra 50p. 

So if you have 4 bows in your cart, and you'd like them all as headbands you will need to add 4 'add on headbands' to your cart also. In note to seller you can leave a colour choice if you'd like, if not I will match the appropriate colour to your item. 
If you have 4 bows in your cart, and you want just 2 as headbands then you will need to add two 'add on elastics' and leave a clear note at checkout which items are to be made into headbands. Again if no note is left I will just have to guess.

If you do not add the 'add ons' to your cart, they will be sent as clips. I do not have the time to chase every order up. If you forget, and you give me a message within 24 hours I can sort this out. If you forget and your order is sent, you will have to send back the order, before I replace. 


small Hair bobbles are free of charge, just leave a note when checking out with which bows you'd like on bobbles. Bigger bobbles are in the add on collection and cost an extra 10p.