About Us

PrettyBaby has been open since October 2015. It is ran by myself Fern, i make the majority of all the products, (only some are sourced outside of the UK) i am in charge of admin, packing, customer service, and everything else that comes with running a business.

I create products, inspired by my two daughters. I started off targeting the younger girls, but as my girls have got older the products have grown with them, and now i target all girls, from babies - to pre teen. We even have products for boys too. 

We are based in Somerset, England. This year (2021) we even expanded and i finally got my own new studio/office. I have lots of things on the pipeline for summer 2021, so watch this space. 

We sell a wide range of hair accessories to bracelets, party props, nursery and wall decor and lots more. Our range is ever growing!!