Wands and crowns

I'm blown away by the response to our new product. I'm so glad you love the wands just as much as i do! Thank you! I hope you love the look of these new crowns too! 💗

To get your hands on them, you'll need to be patient🙈. These won't be made to order yet, at the moment they will just come as a stock drop. (I'm hoping every other week but it'll depend on how busy i am.)

So i will announce when i'll be stock dropping them on Instagram, i will give you a few days notice, to set those reminders!! For example say Sunday 8pm. You will need to come to the website, (i'll make a link at the top of the homepage which will be *WAND/CROWN DROP* so you can access them quickly.) By doing this it means they may sell out quicker, but it does mean that they will be ready to ship! It'll be a fair, first come first served basis. I will do my best to stock as many as i can for the drops, and if there are any particular favorites please do message me!

As i said these in particular will be ready to ship. At some point i would like to be able to do customization on them, and do them made to order- with a select few fabrics but at the moment i won't be, so they will come as pictured. 

I will do some polls on Instagram over the upcoming week to get your ideas and insight on what you would prefer, personalisations, favourite fabrics etc. So please keep an eye out for that. 

Thanks for reading.

Fern x