Christmas Deposit

From now until November 1st you can use the code CHRISTMASDEPOSIT at checkout to pay a non refundable 10% deposit. 

I will then open invoice you via PayPal to pay the rest of the amount (which you have until the 25th November to do so). The invoice is open, which means you can pay off as much or as little as you like until the order is paid off.

I will email you once I've sent the invoice, so you know you can start paying. I will also send reminders every month if you have not paid any off and I will put up regular posts on my stories and posts on Instagram so you won't forget.

The order will then be sent when the invoice has been paid in full and not before. 

This doesn't just have to be for Christmas items, it can be for any order. No minimum or Maximum amount, the deposit is just non refundable. 
This means that if you want to order, and don't want to wait till payday you don't have too.

Any other questions, please do message me via Instagram.

Thank you x